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industrial heating services: No natural gas – Which fuel to use?

Oil vs LPG, the debate

We receive many questions about fuels going forward when natural gas is not an option. Our interpretation of oil vs LPG is as follows:

LPG has been making waves in the off-grid energy world thanks to its strong environmental/cost benefits. As a lower-carbon alternative to oil, LPG has a lower carbon intensity. Unlike conventional fossil fuels it emits less nitrogen oxide (NOx) and virtually no Particulate Matter (PM). It also contains low SOx levels, making it a cleaner burning fuel than oil.

Another benefit is that LPG is a vapour, which means there’s no risk of oil spills. As well as helping support a cleaner environment, one of the best things about LPG is that it’s an extremely efficient fuel supply. It holds a higher calorific value per unit than other liquid fuels, which means its flame burns hotter – this renders into higher energy efficiency and less energy waste.

Because efficiency can be increased by up to 22% by using LPG equipment, maintenance can also be cheaper due to the cleaner burning of LPG. With above or below ground options available for commercial tanks, you can ensure that your storage tank is located subtly out of view. Tank maintenance is taken care of by the

Otherwise, if your energy needs are less substantial, gas cylinders are another option – easily manoeuvrable, they can be stored in a location of your choice. With LPG, you can reduce the risk of theft - whether your storage tank is located above or below ground, LPG can’t be stolen making it a clear choice over oil, which can be
easily syphoned off by thieves.

With so many benefits to be gained from low carbon LPG, it’s clear to see why its quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ for those living off-grid. As it stands, oil is still an effective heat source, though, it will soon no longer stand up to the scrutiny of carbon reduction targets.

The need for a cleaner energy supply is also only likely to rise, especially as the government’s ‘net zero’ legislation continues to be enforced.

Making the switch sooner rather than later means you could reap the rewards quicker than you think

At Harry Taylor of Ashton, we can help you with switching to LPG and also with new LPG installations, we pride ourselves on giving you an honest, unbiased view of which type of heating would be best for your site and requirements.

So whether you run a factory, warehouse, or workshop please contact us today for expert advice. 

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