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Evaporative cooling solutions: Warehouse Cooling

Evaporative cooling for your warehouse

A busy warehouse can quickly become challenging without a solution to monitor and control temperatures during hotter weather. Evaporative cooling is a perfect answer to this problem. A well-designed evaporative cooling solution can overcome such issues via a high internal air charge rate which allows positive pressure to minimise temperature variations. Evaporative coolers can offer a balanced ventilation scheme for warehouses that typically require just 25% of the capital cost and 10% of the running costs of a refrigerant-based industrial air conditioning system.  With only a fraction of the moving parts of an air conditioning system and requiring only basic water and electrical services, evaporative cooling is the simplest method of cooling your warehouse. Contact us today for more information.


Harry Taylor is a long-established evaporative cooling specialist. Harry Taylor offers a comprehensive service from basic advice and consultancy to detailed design, installation, and routine maintenance. We can provide cooling solutions to all manner of industrial and commercial properties, including but not limited to: warehouses, factories, and leisure facilities. With offices in both the North and South of England, we can provide and service evaporative cooling systems throughout the UK.

From the company with the know - how

  • Typically 25% of the capital cost and 10% of the running cost of a refrigerant-based air conditioning system.
  • A variety of installation options are available
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low-maintenance
  • Compliance with all current regulatory requirements

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