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industrial heating services: Running Cost Savings

Saving money with destratification fans

Heaters have consistently improved over the years. Through Government directives, the efficiency of heaters has almost been pushed to the limit. However, even if you install the latest heaters, there are still ways of saving energy, and these days not only is that good for the environment, it also means you are saving yourself money.

The most significant saving to be made would be to install destratification fans. As we all know, heat rises and can be wasted sitting in your building’s roof space. The process of heat rising is called stratification, and the way to stop it is to install destratification fans. Destratification fans installed in your roof space will bring down otherwise wasted warm air to ground level where the heat is required.

If your space is open, then our range of Eliturbo fans are ideal. The unique fan blade design gently mixes the air in your premises, reducing stratification and saving up to 30% on running costs. Whilst, in tight areas with high bay racking, our DS range of fans helps overcome stratification by directing the air down the aisles. So savings can be made whatever the situation.

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