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industrial heating services: Warehouse Heating

Warehouse heating installations & services in the UK

Harry Taylor has been designing, installing and maintaining heating systems for warehouses, factories, garages, workshops and retail spaces for more than 95 years. We work closely with our clients to ensure the right solution is provided, whether that be installing a new heating system or maintaining an existing one. With offices in both the North and South of England, we can provide our services across the entire UK mainland.

From the company with the know - how

Heating installations for all types of warehouse

The method Harry Taylor employs to heat a warehouse or distribution centre largely depends on the premises' size and makeup. If a consistent temperature is required across an entire premise, we usually install a warm air heating system. Whereas, in spaces where only specific areas require heating, we normally provide and install radiant heating systems. 

The larger the warehouse, the more complex the solution can become. If the internal storage arrangements in a space are likely to change over time or there is a very high density of bay racking, an air rotation system is ideal. These heaters use a large volume of air travelling at low speed to produce a constant temperature throughout the space (please see the Bryce and Wood case study).

Alternatively, for smaller, more static areas where heat is required throughout (please see the Adidas Taylor Made Salomon case study), a combination of warm air heaters and destratification fans is usually the best solution 

Harry Taylor always works closely with its customers to ensure that they receive a heating solution tailored to meet their needs. Superb customer service is at the heart of every service Harry Taylor delivers.

  • Warm air heating and radiant heating solutions
  • Selection of natural gas, propane or fuel oil units
  • Suspended, wall mounted or floor standing units available
  • Energy efficient solutions
  • Compliance with all current regulatory requirements

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