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  • For advice on how to reduce your heating running costs please refer to the Energy Efficiency section of our website or contact one of our Sales Offices direct. We are here to help.

Environmentally friendly: Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency: heating and cooling

Harry Taylor is committed to helping its customers reduce their Carbon footprint by designing systems using energy efficient products. Through its membership of Gas Safe and BESA Harry Taylor has made sure that the service it offers is of the highest standard. We developed a close relationship with the Carbon Trust and were granted Carbon Trust Accredited Installer Status from February 2012 to December 2021 when the scheme closed.

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Saving on your energy bills: destratification fans

Heaters have consistently improved over the years. Through Government directives, the efficiency of heaters has almost been pushed to the limit. However, even if you install the latest heaters, there are still ways of saving energy, and these days not only is that good for the environment, it also means you are saving yourself money.

The most significant saving to be made would be to install destratification fans. As we all know, heat rises and can be wasted sitting in your building’s roof space. The process of heat rising is called stratification, and the way to stop it is to install destratification fans. Destratification fans installed in your roof space will bring down otherwise wasted warm air to ground level where the heat is required.

If your space is open, then our range of Eliturbo fans are ideal. The unique fan blade design gently mixes the air in your premises, reducing stratification and saving up to 30% on running costs. Whilst, in tight areas with high bay racking, our DS range of fans helps overcome stratification by directing the air down the aisles. So savings can be made whatever the situation.

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Fan mounted in a Factory

Information of interest:

The Carbon Trust - is an independent organisation funded by the government to manage various initiatives to help encourage businesses and the public sector to reduce their carbon footprint by investing in low carbon technologies. The Carbon Trust has developed schemes to help businesses – particularly small and medium-sized (SMEs) to fund energy-saving investments. Where possible, Harry Taylor, through its Accredited Installer status, will help companies to obtain grant assistance. 

EU Energy Directive - Directive 2009/91/EC of the European Parliament and Council on the Energy Performance of Buildings came into force on 4th Jan 2003. This legislation was designed to affect awareness of energy use in buildings and lead to a substantial increase in the number of investments in energy efficiency made within them.

Financial support - Over the years, different funding schemes have been introduced to encourage energy-efficient installations, and Harry Taylor has the experience in helping companies, particularly SME’s, in obtaining this. A prerequisite of most schemes is that an old inefficient heating system will be replaced by a new efficient heating system.










  • Energy efficient 
  • Suspended or wall mounted units available
  • Compliant with all current regulatory requirements
  • Savings of up to 30% on running costs






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