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Introduction to case study:

Tony Devereux of JJO PLC tasked Harry Taylor with providing a solution to heating a new production area for the company. 

Our solution:

The area was on the first floor of JJO PLC's premises. It measured 950 cubic meters with 3.15m eaves and a 6.5m apex. Due to the shape of the space, there were no suitable positions for a flue from a heater to exit the walls. Therefore, Harry Taylor installed a system using two HT2000 UDSA225 (64kW) gas-fired warm air heaters with a room-sealed flue system exiting through the roof. There was no gas supply in the area, so Harry Taylor's engineers fed a supply up to the heaters from the floor below. Additionally, three de-stratification fans were installed to improve the efficiency of the system.

I was given the task of finding the best solution for heating a new production area for JJO. Of course it had to be cost effective, simple and efficient, our ISO 50001 accreditation demands it. It didn’t stop there of course we needed it fast with little disruption and no fuss. At JJO we like to shop local so when we came across Harry Taylor we could not have been happier that we could find all this just around the corner. Before we knew it Paul had been in formulated the plan and it was in, done and dusted. What we have now is a small efficient system which is very easy to use, it’s great when you get what you asked for. - Tony Devereux - JJO PLC

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