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Introduction to case study:

Simpac contacted Harry Taylor for a quotation for a new heating system at their packaging company in Hull following concerns that their fuel bills were excessive. They thought that if they were to partition off the storage area of their premise and fit a new efficient heating system in the work area only, then this would solve the problem. They had gone as far as to attain quotes for the construction of the partitioning of the storage area, most totalling around £30,000. Harry Taylor provided a significantly more cost-effective solution.  

Our solution:

Following a site visit, Harry Taylor realised that the costly partitioning of the storage space would not be necessary if Simpac installed a radiant heating system. Radiant heating is ideal for applications such as spot heating. A properly designed radiant heating system enables the heating of a specific work area within a large space. In the case of Simpac, it was easy for Harry Taylor to install radiant heaters in the work area without heating the storage spaces. The new system provided Simpac with fuel savings of over 145,000 kW in a one-month period compared to their previous usage. These fuel savings made Simpac eligible for a 5-year Carbon Trust interest-free loan on the cost of the works

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