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McKenzie Clark

Introduction to case study:

McKenzie Clark decided to move from their long-established premises to a modern purpose-built building next door. This move would allow them to house all their different departments in under one roof. Heating and cooling were required for the whole premises. McKenzie Clark has a number of multinational customers who increasingly require their suppliers to prove their environmental credentials. It was therefore extremely important for the Directors of McKenzie Clark to use energy efficient heating and cooling solutions in their new premises. 

Our solution:

The building was designed to house specialist printing machinery on the ground floor with the office staff sharing a large open plan office on the floor above. The offices were already heated using a central heating system using efficient condensing boilers and it would have been simple to use air conditioning units to cool the offices in the summer. However, Harry Taylor proposed a system using 3 Evaporative Coolers connected to a bespoke fabric ducts which were designed to spread the cool air generated by the coolers throughout the open plan office. 

At 10% of the running cost it made financial sense to use Evaporative cooling – especially as a similar system using two coolers could be used to cool the printing machines downstairs as well.  The added advantage of using evaporative cooling for the printing area is the introduction of humidity in the atmosphere which greatly assists the printing process - a humidistat was used as part of the control system for the coolers.  Furthermore, for the cooler winter months a gas fired HT2000 RST heater was suspended in the printing area.

In recognition of the energy saving benefits the evaporative coolers brought this project it was part funded by the Carbon Trust.

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